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This is fake news. I asked OP to remove it.


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Swede here, created this account just to let you know it is NOT fake news. It is just a bit exaggerated. They have stopped cataloging and keeping things not made from precious metal.

Here it the background as to why:

The building sector in Sweden has exploded. The government wrote a law forcing the local "governments" to provide housing to immigrants within a certain time after them arriving in Sweden. This is a bit of a problem since we were low on housing to begin with. Now they are borrowing money and are building like crazy. Most times when you build something in Sweden you hit upon an ancient site from vikings, bronze age or some such. Archaeologist have to look through these sites and document them before they are destroyed. The people who has to deal with this does not get any more money or people to deal with the insane increase in workload. What can they do? They cut corners and only save what they think is the most valuable. It used to be that excavation could delay construction for years but that is not acceptable in the current political climate. These people must have their own housing NOW!
What the article in SVD (Svenska Dagbladet, a reputable paper) is saying is that this is short sighted and important pieces of our history might get lost if we don't do this properly.
So not ALL new found artifacts, but most artifact belonging to common people and the excavation and examination of the sites are rushed. All to build housing that will not be enough anyway... And we are borrowing money to do it. The EU should be happy we have our own currency! :-P


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Unbelievable English, ny Swede!


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no it's not. edit: actually title is false. they don't toss ALL artifacts. just most. Still false i agree.


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I sure hope you are right but it does seem to fit. Would it surprise you if you found verification?

(Meaning: It may not be true...but it's true enough.)


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Would it surprise you if you found verification?

It would probably help if the source wasn't waaaaay the fuck down the rabbit hole, drinking gallons of cool-aid, like this source is. Is it possible Sweden is destroying artifacts? I suppose it could happen. But when the author then decides to detour into some BBC show something something We was Kangs. OK, what the fuck does that have to do with it?

This is what the boy who cried wolf sounded like.