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If the American Communist Royalty Bloodlines and Globalist Sponsors is an indication, then this literally is the Walk of the Stars of in your face Revolutionary Communist Celebrity Bashes!

A wee bit about Refuse Fascism from recent past. Recall Refuse Fascism's Sansura Taylor was warmly welcomed home to her messiah's Bob Avakian temple Berkeley, a week after the white she-devil (Ann Coulter) was cast out from speaking there. Sansura was promoting free speech on how to overthrow our duly elected government., it's like commies are either in search and destroy mode ALL THE TIME, except when they're in destroy and grind to dust mode. (remember when they say 'overthrow the regime' they mean the US Government and the Constitution, when they say they demand 'democracy' they mean 'Revolutionary Communism')

The Alliance for Global Justice, which is funded by the George Soros-backed Tides Foundation, reportedly donated $50,000 to fund Refuse Fascism, which openly brags about using violence to shut down conservative and libertarian speech.

Say what you will about Sunsara Taylor's decades long crusade to help her Master Comrade bring Revolutionary International Communism to your front door,in 2010 she wasn't bending the knee to the likes of today's PC crowd, AT ALL...

I encourage people to advertise some of Sunsara Taylor's greatest hits and invite as many muslims to the event as possible. Not only will they be thrilled to learn that Sunsara would outlaw religion in her Master's vision for the world, but she just might yank off a hijab or two, but only if you wear it for religious reasons, ladies! 'cause that be all patriarch'uL 'N' shyt.


The veil is not just some cultural symbol. If it were, you wouldn't need to have "virtue police" roaming around like thugs throwing acid in the faces of women who dare to walk in public with their faces showing. You wouldn't have these filthy mullahs and other fanatics waiting to arrest and molest young women if a wisp of their hair falls out from behind their veils.

The veil and the chador and the burkha are not just things that women took up one day. They were forced onto women. How come no one here ever learns about the fearless uprisings of women against the veil, like in Iran, in 1979. This was just a few months after the Iranian revolution that overthrew the U.S.-backed Shah. But the Islamic fundamentalists seized the initiative—they hijacked the Iranian revolution and consolidated a theocracy. One of the very first laws they passed in the first year they were in power—as part of crushing the people's spirit and their resistance—was a law mandating that women cover themselves in the chador.

The veil wasn't taken up voluntarily—it was forced on women by a reactionary fundamentalist theocratic state. And women erupted over this—they poured out into the streets by the tens of thousands, chanting, "We did not make revolution to go backwards." But the Islamic Republic sent its thugs and its secret police and its torturers after these women—they imprisoned many thousands... they tortured many hundreds of these women and they killed a great many of these women. And ever since then, they have mandated that women endure the ultimate humiliation of covering themselves when in the presence of men who do not own them.

Women who have sex outside of marriage can still be legally stoned to death. The testimony of women is worth only half that of a man. Things are so barbaric that the calculation is actually made that the entire female body is worth only one testicle of the male.

By today's Leftist standards, THAT sounded like a neo Nazi for sure, I mean what a hater of sharia! I'm sure she's toned that shit down for todays crowds...BIGLY.   Sunsara Taylor is a revolutionary communist and follower of commie cult leader Bob Avakian.  Avakian, a veteran of the Free Speech Movement,* CommieFornia style of course, Avakian has been the Revolutionary Communist Party's central committee chairman and national leader since 1979.*...

...Taylor is the architect of the New Communism..

reinventing the square wheel AGAIN!

and is leading a movement for an actual revolution and for a radically new society on the road to real emancipation.  Sunsara Taylor sits on the Advisory Board of and has led thousands in the streets to go up against this fascist regime, aiming to drive it from power.