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I hate communism as much as everybody else here, but if you demand Lenin's statue be removed from private property, you can count on the left immediately demanding all confederate stuff and flags be removed from private property too. Free speech means free speech for everybody, and property rights means property rights for everybody, even for those commie assholes who are against it.


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And then middle point slippery slope comes to mind


They enjoy the same rights as everybody else, but use those rights to advocate for the shutdown of those same rights for everybody (but them, as usual)


It's all fun and games until they get into power via coalition, taking advantage of moderates through consensus and compromises

Once they are in, they start to implement their "one way avenue" incrementally, by the time moderates wake the fuck up and realize they got pretty much scammed, it's too late to call for destitution, usually because they fail to reach the necessary 2/3 threshold, by that time heads of key administrations have been changed in a partisan way

You got obama, now you have trump, next you'll get what ?

Will trump even make it half way to the next ?

because there are a bunch of people out there, and not random people, politicians, legacy media journalists, that are implicitly or directly suggesting and even calling for his assassination or removal



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But what do you do? We pretty much have to work with human beings here, because, well, that's what we are... But humans are incredibly unreliable and dysfunctional, on average. Even people ITT are spouting the most retarded crap.

If there's a solution to this mass stupidity that doesn't involve a massive reset, I'm not seeing it.

Technology like instant worldwide communications and the internet have only exacerbated the increasing population pressures. If you take the long view, looks a lot like the end of a boom cycle.