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Media needs to take the blame for all the hate too.

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I think he alluded to pretty well but you are right, he should have just said it.

*edit because @mydrunkaccount is a nice faggotkike grammar white-nationalist.


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Except that he's too bad at speaking to make any valid points. Ever.

He ends every sentence with "Okay???" like some sort of valley girl looking for validation. He waves his hand around like a fucking Jedi trying to convince everyone these aren't the droids we're looking for, and he fails at not using the word "very" in front of any simple adjective.

Worse, he can't back up anything he says with facts because that would require studying something. He's never studied in his life, because he never had to. He can afford others to do that, and always has.

In a war of words, the media controls the land, seas, and skies. He's holed up in a bunker, low on ammo.


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Here's a crazy idea. Maybe people should be responsible for their own actions? Maybe the idiot who drove their car into the crowd should be responsible for what they did? I know this is not the way people think any more, everyone is somehow a victim and it's always someone else's fault. But maybe stop blaming everyone and taking responsibility is what the grown up big boys should be doing?


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The left hates individualism (and individual rights) and believes in segregating everyone into groups so they can blame innocent people. It's a Stalinist tactic. The left are Stalinists.


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Maybe the girl that got run over shouldnt have been blocking traffic.


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The MSM, Democrats, and nutjob left is responsible for 99.999% of the political violence in America.