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License plate & his social media acc shows it was indeed a leftist driving.

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Indeed a leftist owner. Don't speculate he was driving. It was allegedly the owner's son who claimed it was his from his social media accounts

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The guy in question is still posting on Facebook even while a suspect is in custody, so either the cops arrested the wrong guy or the Internet got it wrong

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You mean: Someone is still posting on facebook. It could be as simple as he got his one phone call and gave his password to someone. Of course, there's also a million other things that could explain it too...even your explanation.

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The million scenarios you describe aren't all equally likely. Given a lack of evidence, it's more likely that a group of Internet sleuths picked the wrong guy rather than relying upon a conspiracy to create an alibi.

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https://snew.github.io/r/The_Donald/comments/6takjw/charlottesville_smells_like_a_setup_for_media/dlj7p4k/ :

DesperateSysadmin comments on Charlottesville smells like a setup for media propaganda against Trump supporters and conservatives.

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