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seems too young to be the dad, and too old to be the kid? strange

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Why are we saying that is a picture of the guy they have in custody? Who released that photo?

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What the fuck is that pic and how do you know thats the guy from the car? Was this pic taken with a flip phone?

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The police just happened to have a guy in handcuffs next to a car(same color make model) with the same broken window as the one that ran over the people... I'm sure it's just some random bum they are kicking out of the park..

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Not the right guy. The kid is using his instant internet fame to promote his crappy art though, so hats off to clever capitalism.

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Not him people, are you blind? Look at the guy police have in custody, look at the guy you can see pretty clearly in the drivers seat in some photos circulating, it's a middle aged man, hefty build. Not fat I don't think, but hefty.

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La la lala that goes against my narrative la la la.

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The whole large thread seems pretty weird to me. I know voat is right wing but I was getting major shill vibes from both sides. Maybe I'm just too naive about some of the people here who usually stick to their echo chambers but crawled out into the sun to celebrate the death of not-my-Americans.

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Do not taunt Happy Fun Hive Mind.

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Look at the guy police have in custody

How? What picture do you have that you know is the guy they have in custody? If it's the picture of the fat guy sitting on the ground I'll need you to explain to me why you think that is the guy they have in custody.

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Because the busted up gray Challenger is 9 feet to the left in that picture. It's not theoretical physics here.

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Wow, he quoted Nirvana lyrics, so he's a "druggie"....

It's gonna be pretty fucked up when you have this dumb kid fully raped over the internets and find out he's just a typical "lefty" youth. So the Jews got to him, give him a few years and some red-pills by sling-shot.

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Not now, the treatment he's getting now is confirming all his blue pill indoctrination.

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FIRST LOOK: Mug Shot of Charlottesville Car Crash Suspect James Alex Fields. (PHOTO).


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Fake and gay

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POL on 4chan is saying the current owner of the car is an active Ohio National Guardsmen named James G. Field.


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.Looting peoples

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