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Of course he was. Women are shorter and smaller than men, they're not as aggressive, they're better listeners, they comprehend differently, they react differently. This is all as a whole and on average.

There are plenty of individual women with more masculine traits, and no one is denying that. I've had plenty of male and female bosses that sucked or excelled, same goes for coworkers and friends.

If you like to code, if you are a natural leader, if you work your way up to ceo, that's great, and everyone has the equal opportunity to do so, no matter their gender.

This memo was twisted in such a way that is deeply disgusting to me. Even my closest friends fell for the msm narrative.

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Women have more parts of the brain devoted to interpreting body language.

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The memo represented reason and logic, and was written by a man, James Damore. The backlash relied solely on emotional appeals. And who do you think was responsible for it? A woman, Danielle Brown. Even the way we respond is different. But there were beta males who took the emotional side and female "misogynists" who took the reasonable side.

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If nothing else, this guy got everyone talking about his subject, which had been off limits up until recently. Still not tired of winning.

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SJWs always think facts are sexist.

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and racist and Islamophobic and even homophobic.

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I was actually repeatedly called a racist a couple days back by several SJWs for pointing out that black people in the USA have a median IQ of 85, and that since IQ has an inverse relationship to unemployment rates, black people in the USA are unemployed because of relatively lower IQ rather than discrimination.

After I cited my peer reviewed sources on that they told me "facts are racist". And I wish I was joking.

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The Google Guy was right about the science, but whether he was right or wrong, I think the bigger issue here is that the left doesn't even want him to speak or seriously address his arguments.

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Of course it does. Look at the push for women in education over the past twenty years or more. Women are going to colleges at a higher rate than men, but when it comes to STEM fields, women are still choosing to not participate in them, and when they do, tech is at the bottom in terms of representation when it concerns women.

For one reason or another, whether that's biological or social, women are choosing to not go into tech related fields despite there being a cultural push for them to do so.

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Unless they're going into nursing, women are being financially exploited by the education-industrial complex.

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Yeah from what I remember, women make up 75% of the educational debt. So in the course of a century, (((they))) have decimated the working class, destroyed any semblance of full time employment, increased the debt to unsustainable levels, increased entitlements in minority groups, fueled the flames of racism/sexism/etc, violated the constitution. And then(((they))) complain that antisemitism is on the rise, as if the shit that's been going on is A-OK

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Every parent knows there are sex differenes in their children. To deny that is left lunacy.

I am right in the middle of losing my job as well so I understand all the emotions - like a death - anger, denial, bargaining, despair, anxiety, relief. He's such a symbol for the abused American worker. One wrongthink, one silly mistake and gone. Never the awful ones, nope. Never the control freak psycho managers. Always the nice guy that didn't staple the cover sheet on his TPS report.

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To bad relativist philosophies like social constructionism are openly anti-empirical. You only need to ask someone who's actually educated as a social constructionist instead of your "I've been a feminist since it became popular this year." These people are anti-empiricists.

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But it offends their deeply held views?

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