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[–] Broc_Lia 3 points 19 points (+22|-3) ago 

Just a reminder, the "left vs. right" model of politics has no relevance outside of 18th century france. The leftists have done their best to keep it dominant in people's minds because it means they're 50% of any political debate (even if they're only one of a hundred ideologies) and they can conveniently smear anyone who isn't left enough as being part of some uniform "right wing." It's also a convenient trash can for any leftists who make them look bad.


[–] Sour 2 points 14 points (+16|-2) ago 

Individualism vs collectivism is the real political struggle.


[–] Broc_Lia 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago 

There is no "real" one dimensional political axis. You can divide everyone up any way you like and you'll still get horseshoes because the division isn't as fundamental as you thought it was.

That said, it would make a lot more sense than leftists vs. everyone else.

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