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Christ cucks down voating this because apparently it's ok to diddle kids if your in the clergy?


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Pastor says butts are the vaginas of the south


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https://archive.is/6ctjo | :

Nearly 100 sex abuse suits against Catholic priests test Guam's faith

'It is one of nearly 100 lawsuits that describe rampant child sexual abuse by some of Guam’s most revered men: the Catholic clergy. '

'Also, the USA TODAY Network does not identify alleged sexual abuse victims who do not wish to come forward. ', "Yet, Guam's sexual abuse controversy appears to have seeped more deeply into its smaller community."

'Some still have faithSome lawsuit plaintiffs say the alleged abuse damaged their spirituality, and at least one abandoned the Catholic Church. '

'In May 2016, Concerned Catholics ran a full-page ad in local newspapers including the Pacific Daily News urging sexual abuse victims to come forward. '

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