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I don't get it. They're asking for help identifying the boys and then they go and blur their faces. Modern society is fucked up.


[–] HeavyBrain 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Say thanks that it wasn't a swedish new peice.

-A group of waht may or may not have been individuals of no prticular gender, were accused to attack a bunch of fuckig white male racist-

-If somone knows the accused group pelase report so that therapy kitties, hot coco and cookies my be provided while they wait for their 500% increase in gibz and citizenship to compensate for the traume.

-in further news here is the Vita of all the white racist involved.


[–] Hitler-der-Grosse 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Seriously, this is just inexcusable.

Don't the newscasters know how ageist it is to assume the boys' adolescence like that? I find, for that matter, it triggeringly presumptive of them that they would so casually and carelessly toss around the label of "boys" without first bothering to determine if that is how they identify.

I mean, come on, this is the twenty-first century, is it not? I cannot believe in this day and age we still have to deal with news stations that think it is somehow acceptable to continue peddling such archaic and artificial constructs as age and sex.

They need to get with the times, stop oppressing society, and stop trying to bring the patriarchy back.

[Addendum: lest there be any lingering doubts, this is obviously sarcasm, although I am all for turning the left's own lunacy against them. It may not, I admit, be particularly effective in showing those already lost to the left the errors of their ways, seeing as they are usually quite unmoved by the sight of their own beliefs' illogicalities and self-contradictions; however, among moderates it frequently meets with great success and moreover is, if nothing else, at least entertaining.]