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He seems to do a lot of "this one thing was worth electing him for" type of shit.


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The Cucklords like to keep chiming in about "Muh Russia influence" or "Muh Racism against Islam" (not a race), but the truth is that after my town went from 97% white (in 1970's) to 70% spic (today) and all the crime, overcrowded schools, broken social support system, gangs, shootings, backyard chickens, mandatory diversity hiring of completely incompetent people, plummeting house prices, and "EBT cards accepted here" signs popping up at every business; the second Trump said, "Build a wall", my dick got so hard that it shot out of my pants, grabbed a pen, and checked Trump on the ballet.

You just can't take people, who only a generation prior were shitting in a field, and put them through a school system so they can work in the medical field or in an office in front of a computer. The schools obviously have to lower their standards for them significantly. They basically send them to after school (tax funded) tutors who teach them how to take tests. The levels of incompetence isn't just irritating, it's fucking dangerous. Just wait to see how bad of shape our infrastructure will be in a few more years after we allow these simpletons to work on our bridges, roads and water treatment (Flint, MI, although that was niggers in that case) plants. It's not hard to figure out how shitty everything will be, just take a trip to Mexico if you want to crystal ball into our future if we don't do something about this problem immediately.


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Why do you hate chickens? They're retarded but eggs are awesome

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"Muh Russia influence"

I am quoting from this article, released 3 hours ago.

he's signing the bill "for the sake of national unity"

How does it do anything for national unity?

I also support making clear that America will not tolerate interference in our democratic process, and that we will side with our allies and friends against Russian subversion and destabilization,

What do you take this to mean? I feel like I am missing something. It almost sounds like sabotage of some sort done in plain sight.

Back to your message.

the second Trump said, "Build a wall"

The wall is meaningless without 2 things. Patrols and tossing out those who are here 'legally', lots of hispanics have been given amnysty. But truthfully, I'd rather has spics than islamists. At least 7 million islamists in USA today. Islamists are no joke.

just take a trip to Mexico if you want to crystal ball into our future if we don't do something about this problem immediately.

I agree, but really I feel like all of this is a distraction and bandaid that won't really solve the core problems. Welfare, women voting, the USA is fucking infested and nobody is really lifting a finger about it.

But all this pales in contrast to the federal reserve.