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You're a cuck too if you believe that is the #1 game. Maybe in Orlando....


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OP is a pile of sticks. This is another astroturf piece of shit, like Undertale.


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Yes goy, it's perfectly natural to let the fagalas raise the children.


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https://archive.is/ZeCKt | :

‘Dream Daddy’: This gay dad dating simulator sounds like a joke — but it’s surprisingly earnest

'However, I’m happy to report that after playing Dream Daddy for a couple of hours, my fears were (mostly) unfounded. '

'I’ll have more thoughts on Dream Daddy soon. '

'My main source of apprehension stemmed from the fact that Dream Daddy was produced by Game Grumps, a “Let’s Play”-style YouTube channel with 3.9 million subscribers. '

'Dream Daddy is a brand-new dating simulator in which you play a dad trying to romance other hot dads, and I’m pleased to report it’s much more charming, earnest and goofy than I expected it to be. '

'In Dream Daddy, you design your own character — which, notably, include “binder” body options for trans characters — and help shape their story with the decisions you make. '

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Just another example of the sickness of fags trying to be relevant .should be labeled as west coast appropriate.NYC appropriate. middle America will be disgusted by shit on your dick advocates.