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And before anyone tries to shut him up by saying it is racist, the first time I heard something like that was from three eminent black leaders, the Watts Prophets. They said hip hop music isn't entertainment, it is tourism. If a white man needed to feel superior he had to get on a ship to look at the savages running around half naked, fighting over nonsense and speaking gibberish. But thanks to hip hop, he can have that experience just by buying a CD.They listen to niggaz celebrating murder, to tales of black women being messed up bitches, watch videos with broke people spending money like idiots and they get reminded that they are better than them. And white kids listening to hip hop realize it is bullshit and grow up to be lawyers whilst black kids listening to it think it is something to live up to, not a portrayal of the worst their society can be.

I am with Thomas Sowell on this, there is no such as an inferior race but there are clearly inferior cultures and instead of doubling down on dumb shit, they should adapt and fix what is wrong with their culture. You know you are shit when Africans look down on black americans, First and secod generation african immigrants go to college more, work more, earn more and have less children out of wedlock, surely racism can't be behind that can it?

But i don't think going on tours of the hood or even listening to their music is of any use, lnot when all they have to contribute to the rest of society is tales of an imagined past they know nothing about and attempts to claim they are african but haven't been to africa, Elon Musk is more african than all these repatriation type niggaz with their 'we was kangz'. They need to accept that they are american and contribute to america


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I disagree with your last paragraph. Safari tours would serve the same purpose as animal safaris and zoos. They will educate the population on how certain cultures choose to live their lives. Think of all the crimes that wouldn't have taken place if people knew not to be anywhere near these people, or at least be on guard when they are around. Plus it would be hilarious to have armored trucks with bullet proof windows driving around these areas so all can be horrified and shocked at these "humans." Hell maybe the people in those areas will start to change their ways after feeling the shame of being turned into animals to be gawked at.


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My concern is that we may end up glorifying what we think we will vilify. Look at way rap has seeped into everything, into so much American culture that you have white girls like 'cash me outside' who think they are ghetto hoochies. Low-income whites used to have their own culture, now its all rap. Rap used to push crack in black neighborhoods, now it is pushing MDMA everywhere, to everyone. How do we ensure the culture we do our tours to doesn't keep seeping into the mainstream and ruin everything for everyone even worse?


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There was a small retirement community behind a place that I used to work. Ended up meeting and hanging out with one of the older black dude that lived there. Come to find out, he was a Prophet and published author. The guy was cool as hell.