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They mean shitskins

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And by "riot", they mean assault innocent people for no reason and be complete terrorist enemies of Germany.

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Aber auf Deutsch, diese Leute ist Scheiße Häuten

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The outrage is that in a Sharia law country she wasn't immediately buried up to her neck in the sand and stoned to death. I demand to know how this oversight could've happened in <current year - 1200>.

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"This is what I want life to be like here in the USA!" - leftists

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"Police chief Roland Eisele urged any women who were abused over the weekend to come forward."

No doubt so they can be told how racist they are and be scheduled for reeducation.

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Don't give a fuck, they get what they deserve at this point.

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its never too late, when the saxon began to hate. again.

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We just need to avoid standing in their way this time.

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Fuck it, they deserve it at this point. I hope Trump tells every European country that asks us to bail them out to go fuck themselves.

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Did you, personally, deserve President Obama and his aftermath?

We should continue to help our European brothers and sisters by not giving up on them. Shed light on obfuscation and manipulation of crimes and other facts.

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These retards are going on Cuckbook, Twatter, protests, etc to cheer on their own rape and murder. They literally fucking asked for it.

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Some of us have moved abroad and are lying in wait for it all to kick off. I'm in Poland and these riots will eventually lead to a full scale battle on the streets, which will then trigger a chain of events across most of Western Europe.

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You think? Would be great but I find it hard to believe. People are too friggin comfy. Most are old and complacent. And the young people are too fuckin uninformed or too brainwashed. I find it hard to imagine something would kick off. I'd be all for it but, nah. It will all just transition into a semi-stable developing country kind of state and people will become used to it.

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I would think it good sport if they started killing the asylum seekers.

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Asylum seekers are just fine if you enforce the Assylum laws, but all the fuckers who come for fun shoul be blown out the sea, with theier fucking NGO smugglers.

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