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It's Colorado, the whole state smells like weed.

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I smoke cigars in cooler weather. Had my car searched because my cigar smelled of marijuana. The cops are so used to smelling it that everything smells of it.

Also the weed you buy in the shops stinks up the whole dam car even if its in the trunk.

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They didn't smell weed, they just used it as an excuse to fuck you. And you believed their lies.

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Welcome to the United Stated where your liberties and your constitutional rights are tossed aside in the name of public safety. Absolutely disgusting. I know exactly what you're talking about but in the Northeast. Fuck what has become of my nation.

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The 4th amendment has been torn to shreds since 2001, everyone should have an expectation of privacy NO MATTER WHAT. Unless you are seen in the act of a crime. Not traffic violation, not suspicion of drugs, not suspicion of a crime...actually witnessed committing a crime. If you match the description of a wanted suspect that would be the only other reasonable time to intervene. Good for colorado!

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4th died when the drug war started

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Fair point. The WoT really buried it deep underground though.

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...but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

You have to be severely fucking autistic to think that "probable cause" is ONLY witnessing a crime.

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So you're saying there's probable cause to investigate his level of autism?

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So your arguing my 4th amendment rights to my body and property don't apply when I'm in my car?

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I think the ellipsis was intended to mark a transition where he changes tone to indicate that the negation ended. If so, it's not clear.

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The first tear was assumed justification for blanket traffic stops to avoid potential crimes - e.g. NYE and 4th of July DUI searches for everyone driving regardless of any reasonable cause, let alone a warrant.

This started in the 1980s while people were still making, "Papers, please," cold war jokes.

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That would mean, beer or wine smell is not enough for a search as well. Or any prevalent odor for that matter.

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Sorry I accidentally clicked the NSFW box.

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Honestly, reading news like this is highly stigmatizing. What employer would not look down on an employee for reading up on the effects of legal cannabis in regard to police search procedures, and further more, for visting "the cannabist . co"

It is like debating issues surrounding Trump with a neutral or objective lens, most people have already decided that the media is unquestionable and therefore you can not seek out compromise or true debate without being a nazi

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Heil THC!!!

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Same rules in Texas but If they want to they'll find a reason.

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I've always thought the "smells of marijuana" excuse to search cars was bullshit anyway. Cop can easily just say they smell weed and there's nothing you can do. It's not like you can prove they didn't. Then when they don't find anything I imagine it'd just be like "oh lol thought I did, my bad!"

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Well yeah, just because a cop can smell weed doesn't mean it was smoked by the driver immediately before. Someone else could've smoked it in the car the night before and the smell would still be there for the driver the next day.

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What would that open up a search for, weed? Isn't having it in the car not illegal?

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Couldn't you not write a more convoluted sentence please?

[–] Steve 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I just meant that if weed is legal in CO, why would a car smelling like it, incriminate someone.

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