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The body cams were turned off. This should be made impossible, or a crime to do so. The police are too fucking scary these days.

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Bullshit. They were on and the footage is either being withheld or is already deleted.

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In the article the mayor was quoted as saying the body cams were turned off. Please share a different link that says the body cams were turned on.

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The officers were wearing body cameras but they were not turned on during the incident

This should result in automatic discharge from the force. Obviously you can't lay a presumption of guilt due to constitutional concerns, but we can make it one of those things where if the body cam is off when something happens you stop being a cop at that moment.

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If a regular citizen (not special elite mercenary super-citizen) had accidentally killed this poor woman with a stray bullet while he was fighting off a gang of armed thugs, they would sure as hell not "still be investigating the many questions". He would already be being held without bond on 3rd degree murder charges.

ALSO, turning off, disabling, or otherwise tampering with a police body camera should be a FEDERAL crime with a mandatory 20 year sentence!

Until the mercenaries are held accountable for their crimes nothing will change.

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It might be wiser to just start shooting when cops come to your door these days. This is stupid.

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Upvote not because I agree with your hyperbole but because of the 3 (at time of this post) complete boot-licking asshats that downvoted you. If you ever interact with the police there is a statistically proven chance they will kill you.

They are NOTHING more than an armed gang in support of the state and if you are white they are NEVER held accountable for their criminal acts. If you are black they probably won't be held accountable either. But proving that BLM is always wrong about everything, your chances of living through a police encounter are statistically better if you are black.

MATH doesn't lie. But cops do.

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True that. There's systems in place to hold cops accountable for fucking up but too often they get away with shit like this.

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The only way things will change is when people start killing cops on sight.

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Latest I heard is she called them out of concern after hearing suspicious noise in an adjacent alley. After they pulled up she went out to meet them in her bathrobe and was shot.

Not judging anything yet, but it seems unlikely that a blonde woman in a bathrobe would be assessed as a threat.

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I'm betting domestic disturbance (husband-wife-girlfriend) to why the cameras were off. I'm also betting there's alcohol involved, probably a lot of it.

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I'm Australian. I heard on radio not 1hr ago that she had called the police because she was concerned about a noise in an adjacent alley. When they arrived she left her house in her bath robe to meet them at their car and was shot. I think they said she was shot from inside the car as she approached. Either way, having cams turned off should be a fucking punishable offence. Total bullshit.

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MN resident here. Seems like the story is she walked up to the car to talk to the officer in the drivers seat and the fucking piece of shit Muzzie parnter shot her for no reason through the window, no weapon and no threat at all reported by the other cop. Seems like the cop is only a cop for cultural diversity reasons. The cop already has two federal investigations against him.The muslim somali invader cop shot right over the other officers lap through the window. Literally fired across his partners face (pretty sure that is a big no, no in training). I am thinking this piece of shit, shit skin had been harassing her and using his badge to do it. She was probably going to bust his ass so he took his chance. I live in MN and for some reason we cater to these invading fucking leeches. We just got one of these trials finished it was probably retribution for his somali and muslim community. Fucker should be skinned alive have salt poured all over him and left out in the sun to bake. But I suspect we will never know the real circumstances. I remember when their were real cops.