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Why can't companies just sell a product or provide a service without getting political or telling people how to live their lives? Regardless, this company won't be getting any of my money

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My theory is that millennials fresh out of college with marketing titles were hired by the usual genius MBAs to try to attract the people from said market. Unknowingly committing several mistakes: Millenials are the poorest generation alive, not all millenials are into this "progressive" bullshit and they think this is a harmless marketing effort with no chance of backfiring.

Another alternative theory is that this is a desperate brand trying to attract consumers in any possible way.

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I had a lawyer tell me that they are having trouble finding people competent enough to pass the bar exam.

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Yep. I see this all the time! Businesses trying to cater to millenials through their say their hip kale salad on Instagram when it people like my parents that are their real customer. Millenials will come once to flash it on Facebook where boomers will come over and over if they have a good experience.

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A zealot is someone who won't change their mind, and won't change the subject. SJWs are zealots.

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Reebok is now added to my “Never Again” list -- along with Starfucks, Ben+Jekoffs and many others. Fuck ‘em all.

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If I need to buy a brand like this and I don't want to support its stock I go to the Sally.

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The memes write themselves.

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New Balance is made in the USA, kicks ass as a running or hiking shoe. Merrell is another choice.

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Barron's choice of shoe is the best choice of shoe.

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He is the expert after all.

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first company that came to mind reading the headline.

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Some new balance are made in the USA, not all. I have 4 pairs and only one is made in murica.

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Love Merrell trail shoes!

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Don't forget Reebok is owned by Adidas.

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Thanks, I didn't know that. Reebok is nigger shoes so nobody's buying them anyway but Addidas brands to whites.

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Adidas sells street wear for some reason.

They make fuck loads of money on football boots all around the world. But here in the US they try to make it an urban thing and idk why.

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Fuck. I was just thinking "at least it's not Adidas" they're the only sportswear brand whos logo I don't feel is exceedingly ostentatious and annoying.

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Insulting your customers? A bold strategy, let's see if it pays off Cotton.

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Its the tsundere strategy.

"Buy our product you i-idiot, its not that we want you to spend money or naything"

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only works for superior 2D girls. Reebok can't pull it off.

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If you don't smoke Tarrlytons... Fuck you!

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See you at chapter 11, REEEEbok.

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We just need to get the slavs on board and they're dead.

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Adidas or nothing

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I don't think it will harm them in the slightest. I don't think anyone offended was going to buy a reebok. What is their primary demographic in america? Black people who can't afford nikes.

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WtF ... Do people have such bad manners and lack common sense that Reebok has to tell people what common sense is?

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Their manufacturing business model is based on sweat shop third world labor. Trump's tarriffs would hurt them, but can't mention that so attack him for being kind to a President's wife (sounds like MANNERS!) And think we woln't notice. Have fun jumping off the cliff with big mouth Starbucks!

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Their manufacturing business model is based on sweat shop third world labor.

Not that I disagree but which company isn't? Looking for new running shoes...

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New Balance is better. Best no but better.

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