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Translation: niggers are nigging on the Rapid Nigger Delivery System


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Cuckifornia hides evidence of niggers nigging... ^


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Im gonna start calling it San Fran Sweden.


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Lets call it the African Intercity Delivery System or AIDS for short.

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Just Voat. This pretty much sums up Voat. Not that he's wrong though, just an asshole.


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Libtards love to talk about how the US should be more like Europe. They are to stupid to realize that thanks to niggers, that will never happen. Without niggers in America, there would be no need for suburbs. Most people would be able to hop on the mag-lev to get to work or wherever (just think of all the money America would have for things like science and technology if we didn't have to uplift a 3rd world population to 1st world standards).

White suburbanites (even Jewish liberals) oppose public transit because they don't want a direct line from the ghetto to their communities. Without niggers, we could have safe, eco-friendly (or whatever the fuck it's called) public transit.