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You do realize zion controls Trump. . Good PR move by zion? ok.


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I get where you're coming from, but I think it's impossible to know where his ultimate loyalties lie.

For instance, he's made some moves like keeping mention of Jews out of his holocaust day speech and removing funding to the Holocaust museum that are really curious if he was a Jewish puppet. It leads me to being hopeful that a lot of this is a political act of self defense. I think what's likely is that Trump knows that being declared an anti-semite is the kiss of death in politics and he has to walk a very fine line.

Every US politician who has named the Jew (David Duke) has been destroyed.

Every US politician who was probably Jew-aware, but prioritized America first (Pat Buchanan) was also destroyed. (Buchanan was even good friends with the brilliant economist Murray Rothbard and other jews who defended him against accusations of anti-semitism, but that wasn't enough to save his career)

Even US politicians who are incredibly Jew friendly and who simply wanted to keep us out of their wars (Ron Paul) were destroyed as racist anti-semites.

Trump displays just enough fealty to them in a few minor matters that he has cover from ever being credibly labeled an anti-semite. Anybody who wants a career in US politics should probably do the same thing as Trump. The big question mark is seeing what he does with the Middle East and Israel in his term. If he goes to war for greater Israel or something, you'll have a point. But if he pushes for some kind of reasonable peace where both Israel + other countries can live in peace and forces them to pay some realistic concessions for that peace, then maybe he's not controlled.


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I do, millions don't. He wouldn't be where he is if they didn't put him there