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Why own anything when the government can just take it away from you?

Possession possesses the species, twists them in horrific ways. Even people who love each other, who were family, can be torn apart by possession. I saw it first hand when my grandparents died. Family torn apart by stupid fucking objects and wealth.

So its for the best to just not play that silly mind game yourself.

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Sorry, nothing to take here. See how that works? No conflict, no deception. Its just me, not me and maybe you're working some angle to get my stuff.


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Problem is, others will continue to gather possessions - wealth, weapons, money and power - and eventually even if you leave them alone they'll come for you.

We don't have to fully plug into the insane consumerism that the TV blasts at us, but building stability and security for ourselves and our future is only sensible.


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Building stability and security for ourselves and our future...

Dies of a massive heart attack.


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communist confirmed.

Get into the helicopter. You're going for a ride!


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Leaving us in a world where no shoes fit, no food tastes good and everyone is shoved into tiny glaring bake ovens of apartments, so the unbearable glare and noise and discomfort can drive them all as insane as Meursault.

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Yes actually.