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Agreed they are both barbaric. Also fuck you your analogy is shit. The top 2 most sensitive parts of a mans penis gets cut off. Then the head being the 3rd most sensitive becomes dry and loses most of it's feeling. Both are bad agreed, but every time a guy points out that they are both bad some woman or fedora comes up and tries to claim fgm is worse and makes that exact bullshit comparison without even considering that the man is actually losing the most sensitive parts. Not just "a flap of skin" lile the pro circumcision propaganda claims. Waffleman made a great point that people like you don't really care that this happens to men. You proved him completely right with your "oh but the poor women have it so much worse" post. I was 8 when they snipped me. They do this barbaric shit to children. My mom said it was "so I would fit in with the other boys" and it happened no matter how much I protested. After being snipped the brainwaves of the baby/child never go back to normal. It isn't just babies that don't get anything to help with the pain either. I felt everything, and a nurse kept my eyes open because "it is a necessary part of the circumcision." Fuck you with your oh no but the wymynz bullshit. This happens to millions of men like me an no one bats an eye. Same sort of barbaric shit happenes for the same reasons to 100 women and everyone loses their minds. Statistically speaking more babies die from circumcision than will ever actually need it as a legit medical operation in their lifetime. Since there is no line saying snip here complications in the circumcision are upwards of 25%. There is no good reason for anyone to get this shit forced on a child. However it is people like you that completely exaggerate the differences and play down how bad it actually is for men that will keep circumcision legal.


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Im uncut, it seems so fucking traumatic :(