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I want more info. I've read that, in some cases, FGM in the US can be nothing more than a symbolic nick that does not mutilate or remove any tissue.

I'm not saying I agree with this, but I'm fairly open minded to a purely symbolic cut that does no lasting change or damage to the genitals. I'd like to see something like this more ritualistic practice replace male circumcision so that an almost purely symbolic cut becomes accepted as serving the traditional requirement.


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Are you open minded to niggers just putting the tip in your wife?

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Hol' up. Why should we care what happened to a hundred sandnigger girls? They should not even be here in the first place.


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I think homosexuality is immoral so I do not, and will not, ever have a wife. I also consider adultery immoral. My spouse is Caucasian (as am I).

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Thanks for linking some ADDITIONAL INFO in that article (which is exactly what I asked for). The original article has NO mention of actual genital mutilation whatsoever. I'm sooo sorry I didn't immediately drop what I was doing (greeting my husband who was arriving home from his second shift job) to google more info on this specific article. I do, genuinely, appreciate you linking the much more informative article. It gives a more balanced perspective.

As far as your previous response concerning my correcting your assumption that I'm a man rather than a woman: I don't normally correct people but, in your case, your response to me specifically asked about how I feel about allowing niggers to "put the tip" in my wife. I thought you might appreciate knowing my gender so that you could target your insults in a more appropriate manner and in a way more likely to cause me actual insult. It was purely done as a courtesy to you.

I have no need for white (or black, or grey or any) knights. My husband of nearly 25 years is the only hero or defender that I have any need or desire for, I have zero interest in "equal rights" since I believe in clearly defined gender roles for men and women. Equality is a bum rap for women, I much prefer to be a help-mate and partner to my spouse rather that try to usurp the role of head-of-household, soldier, leader, protector, etc.

Oh, yeah, BTW, fuck you faggot. We could have had a nice, rational discussion if you'd chosen not to be a total dick right off the bat, but you are probably a young, single guy with no real prospects so encountering a "real woman" online is probably a huge challenge to your world view. I recommend you subscribe to v/traditionalwives and v/traditionalhusbands as soon as you can. It might help you become the type of man that can attract a woman worth marrying.


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Google fgm, turn off the safe filter. Go on faggot.


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