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Cut? That's what happens accidentally on the sharp edge of a water slide.

The word you're looking for is mutilated.


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100 or more in Michigan.

Over a half a billion worldwide.

There are 850 million muslim women in the world.

The majority of them have had parts of their exterior vagina removed. Or totally removed. Or had the giant gaping wound closed up except a small 4mm hole to allow urine and blood to pass through.

These women then have to get permission to go to a butcher to have their hole reopened so they can have sex with their owners, and bear him how ever many children he wants.

It is this treating of women like livestock that is giving them a competitive advantage against other nations.

They don't have to spend any money or effort trying to woo women or find a mate.

They are assigned some number of women by religious and family authorities. These women having nothing else available but to bear and raise these children

Each of their women squirts out 8.1 children each on average.

This mutilation of women is a valid reason to invade all Muslim countries and get them back under control of their technological and social superiors.

If we would have allowed the Indians to continue chasing buffalo and live in teepees, they too would be living cheaper than us, and out producing enemy offspring that want to kill us.

We can't afford to continue to let Muslims gain in strength and number, while living easier and better lives besides.

Deus Vult.


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I want more info. I've read that, in some cases, FGM in the US can be nothing more than a symbolic nick that does not mutilate or remove any tissue.

I'm not saying I agree with this, but I'm fairly open minded to a purely symbolic cut that does no lasting change or damage to the genitals. I'd like to see something like this more ritualistic practice replace male circumcision so that an almost purely symbolic cut becomes accepted as serving the traditional requirement.


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Are you open minded to niggers just putting the tip in your wife?

You despicable cuck piece of shit.

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Google fgm, turn off the safe filter. Go on faggot.


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You fucking savage.