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Ban circumcision too.


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hear hear! What all you (medically or culturally i.e., jews, muslims, americans) circumsized men will never understand is that the three most sensitive and most pleasurable parts of a penis are:

1) frenulum, but alas, you don't have it anymore

2) foreskin, but alas, you don't have it anymore

3) head, but alas without protection from the foreskin and with the constant rubbing against your pants, it gets desensitized

Now don't get me wrong, I know your dick still works and you are obviously still able to reproduce and enjoy sex. But you guys are truely missing out


[–] GoogleHatesVoat ago  (edited ago)

Western women repeatedly cite in their online forums, women's magazines and from personal conversations, that uncut dicks are disgusting. They believe men with them spread disease easier, break condoms easier and don't last as long. Also that they are they ones rubbing one out in public because they are always lubed up and on the edge of orgasm just from seeing hot women. Strippers say uncut guys are the ones squirting in their pants during lap dances. Cut guys just yawn and say, what's the point?

My wife is horrified at the idea of an uncut dick, "They look like animals..."

Also, the Asian women I've been with were fascinated with how we Americans are well hung, last forever and our cocks look tidy and clean and shoot big ropes of semen, one man bukkake. Especially Japanese women, my god they cannot get enough big white dick. Have to muzzle their moaning, but they are insatiable once behind closed doors and man can they cook and clean!


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I "won't understand" that? Gee, thanks for telling me what I already know but "won't understand."


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Yeah but you forgot about, 1. Lint trap, 2. Makes your dick look like a carrot, 3. Bacteria that cause yeast infections, ALL WOMEN clown on uncircumcised dicks, maybe not to your face, but rest assured that your chick complains to her friends when your not there about how it smells... lulz


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Ban any non-medically necessary surgery on those too young to consent themselves. It's that fucking simple.


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They should be supporting medical research into the restoration of the foreskin aswell



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We got muslims on one side doing this and jews on the other mutilating and sucking baby dicks


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one side

the other

Looks like you need to hear some bad news…

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[–] Cheesebooger ago 



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Muslims do both. At least they're gender neutral, must be why the lefties love them.


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There should be exactly zero Imams on the United States. Look how they all agree with him and turn on him when they find the video is leaked.

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There should be exactly zero Muslims


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That only the watchdog/whistleblower spoke out on this has me seething with rage.

An entire mosque was witness to this specific incident, and sat idly, in acceptance, without reaction, rejection or any sign that the ignorant animal calling himself an Imam said anything amis or remotely controversial. So where are we to believe the Mohammedan community stands on this, if not blind acceptance? What are we to believe but that they are quite happy to see their daughters tortured and maimed, and robbed of a lifetime of basic intimate pleasure because of their brutal fanaticism.

No one spoke a word.. just a single whistleblower, and this is absolutely not an isolated, incident.

This is who and what the Mohammedans are.


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You win the internet points today sir

this comment deserves the most consideration
the severe level of indoctrination of an entire group of people who do not seem to be bothered by this is concerning to say the least.

However, it should be considered that for a muslim to openly speak out against the organized establishment, will result in severe social backlash and death threats, and not idle ones at that (this is not an excuse, just a reality)
It is likely many of them do not share the view, but are too scared to do anything about it. This, to me is far more concerning, as it highlights the deep rooted fanaticism, and its power over non-fanatics preventing them from changing the narrative. What a terrible life to live.


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Interesting...by that logic, genocide might be able to tame the Muslims. We must do this.....for science!


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How about we cut off his dick and see how that shit works with his beliefs. Fucken barbaric regressive swine


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When he rapes the 9 year-olds he dreams he is Mohammad fucking Aisha after slicing through her clitoris.

And afterwords he threatens these little girls that they will be stoned to death if they speak out.
And the Imam is not wrong. The children would be murdered.


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> be human

> have sex

> male enjoys sex

> female enjoys sex

> female gets pregnant

> have little squealing baby

> cut off the tip of baby's dick

> cut off the baby's clitoris

.....wait..... WHAT?

What the fuck is wrong with us? I mean....this is what we do.


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Christopher Hitchens once said that only religion can make someone look at a beautiful, innocent infant and think, "I should slice up its genitals."


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And they are more worried about the environment...


[–] Broc_Lia ago 

More likely "cut off the baby's labia"

Still fucked up and wrong though.

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