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You can't kill them all because more will always appear. Any devout Muslim is going to face a very strong pull to be a radical, it's right in the Koran.

The answer is to send all the so-called moderates away, because they will forever be a breeding ground for radicals.

Radical Islam is the snake.

Moderate Islam is the grass.

Mow the grass!!


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You can't kill them all

Oh but we can try


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Retard, you can kill them all. It's just gonna take a lot of broadswords and Templar tabards.


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Deus Vult?

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That's my point. They aren't just some cult. This stuff literally rises right out of the Koran. It demands jihad. It demands that Islam rule the world. It promises a place in paradise for anyone who dies killing the infidels and kaffirs. Imams will preach the Koran which is full of this stuff. Every active terrorist could drop dead today and it would just rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix once again.

You might be able to suppress organized radical Islamic terrorism but the random attacks will never stop.


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