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The person that started this witch hunt lied on her CV, but still the media and the academic establishment take her word over the word of a nobel prize winner and distinguished colleagues of him that are willing to stand up for his character.

Here, on a page outlining her CV, she is described as follows: ‘Connie St Louis . . . is an award-winning freelance broadcaster, journalist, writer and scientist. ‘She presents and produces a range of programmes for BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service . . . She writes for numerous outlets, including The Independent, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, BBC On Air magazine and BBC Online.’ All very prestigious. Comforting, no doubt, for potential students considering whether to devote a year of their lives (and money) to completing an MA course under her stewardship. Except, that is for one small detail: almost all of these supposed ‘facts’ appear to be untrue. For one thing, Connie St Louis does not ‘present and produce’ a range of programmes for Radio 4. Her most recent work for the station, a documentary about pharmaceuticals called The Magic Bullet, was broadcast in October 2007. For another, it’s demonstrably false to say she ‘writes’ for The Independent, Daily Mail and The Sunday Times.

The Daily Mails take on this story is corroborated by Richard Dawkins.