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I've seen immigrants from China and India doing shit like that here in Canada. they'll hit graveyards as well and sell them.

There's a few groups that hand out sandwiches in my city along with a can of pop chinese will come along and get as many cans as they can and pour the pop out in the gutter so they can get 5 fucking cents for the can.

The pride parade and Santa claus parades had to stop handing out plastic necklaces and other stuff because the local Chinese would charge in and grab big handfulls of them to sell in their stores

A 9 year old girl got a broken wrist from one chinese woman who ripped a bag of little kids toys and balloons she was helping distribute along the Santa clause parade route.

You cannot have a first world nation with a third world population.

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Can of pop? Is that like a can of coke?


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I'm from Toronto.


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God the Chinese are so fucked up. Japan has its own problems but they really seem to have dodged whatever mental plague struck most of Asia.


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Mainlanders have essentially degenerated under communism, all the intelligent were murdered, millions of good workers worked to death or starved. Now they burn dogs alive and run over kids...

I actually doubt mainland china having a mean IQ of 104, considering all the things that China screws with, IQ seems well within reach


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It's the "mainland"ers. Go to Hong Kong, Singapore, or Taipei and they'll share your sentiment.

I'll give them the benefit of a doubt though. They've had a rough couple generations, and that kind of survivalist desperation takes some time to calm down. But they work hard and value education... I think they'll come around.


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you can. The south did it until Lincoln fucked it up


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You cannot have a first world nation with a third world population.

I need a shirt that says this.