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People don't realize this when the news goes "REEEEE Trump wants to get rid of nato. He's a Russian spy"

He wants NATO countries to increase defense spending

If a country doesn't meet their agreement that they signed to meet then the US picks up the slack in funding. Germany is one of the richest EU countries and provides one of the smallest NATO pcts

In effect what you have is the American taxpayer subsidizing the German governments socialist policies

If the US and NATO didn't exist they'd be forced to spend more for their own protection. Since they live under our umbrella they can spend less and use that money to go towards handouts. Then turn around and bitch about the US and have their propaganda outlets act like we're ebil racists who hate poor people

Pay your fucking bills Germany. You free loading faggots. You forced Greece to pay theirs. At least Greece meets its NATO requirements

If NATO falls apart because they won't meet the price they agreed to pay when they signed the treaty then it'll be the fault of the freeloaders like Germany. Not the US's fault

If that happens I hope they end up prison bitches to Russia and china. We'll be fine on our own. They won't.


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The French president is already pooping is his pants! He went to see Putin pleading Putin not to invade France.