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[–] Codewow 18 points -14 points (+4|-18) ago 

Last I heard only extremists and desperate people did that. ISIS pays well. It's easy to indoctrinate people when they have nothing and you are offering them a living for them and their families.

All religions have that extremist sect. Those kinds of killings happen all around the world and aren't typically reported as such.


[–] Cant_Call_It 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago 

When was the last time a Christian killed multiple people randomly in the name of Christianity?

Bonus: How many Muslims have killed people in the name of Islam since then?


[–] Codewow 12 points -11 points (+1|-12) ago 

My point is: If all muslims were extremist bastards we wouldn't be walking this earth today. It's just another game of stereotyping. Another way to try to keep people from being equals. It's one reason why I hate religion in general.