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I used to really like Christopher Titus until I found out he strongly supported the lefty agenda. Deeply brainwashed.


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I agree. A lot of his jokes are still funny though. I can whole heartedly disagree with someone's political stance and still listen to their jokes as long as they are funny. It's a total turn-off when they inject their political views into the jokes though.

A lot of 'comedians' seem to be falling into this trap in recent years where you can tell that the jokes come second and pushing their social narrative comes first. This probably has something to do with how a lot of comedians look at telling jokes as a kind of mass hypnosis and believe that it is their responsibility to manipulate their audience under the false presumption that the comedians views are in fact correct or would result in a utopia if followed.

Boy did I get ranty.

TLDR: Comedians need to just stick to comedy and stop beating war-drums and dead horses alike.


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before clicking, is that the late term abortion part. to this day, I think that's a genius idea.


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