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finally an excuse for abortion and they won't even do it.

Can't imagine what childbirth would do to a 10 year old, and can't imagine the offspring would be anything viable in modern society.


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This whole family sounds fucked. The 10 year old should be taken away by child services.


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Cesarean i would imagine. Either way, the only hope is that she's young enough to be able to overcome the trauma of not only being repeatedly raped resulting in pregnancy, but also that she may be able to actually care for and love the child.

This whole thing is super fucked up.


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In the meantime, they are in need of maternity clothes for that young girl. She is a size small.

No shit, sherlock.

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shes obviously gone through puberty. I know youre anti abortion so I don't expect you to understand anatomy and physiology, but you can't get preggers if you haven't entered puberty. Puberty is caused by the onset of fertility.