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They are not coming here. They left reddit because they thought there was not enough censorship.


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Imzy was started by the santa guy (kickme444) that started reddit gifts that reddit bought out then fired him from.

He is a cool guy, with a good heart and there is nothing particularly wrong with trying to build a safe space from the start. If that's what you want that's the way to do it.

What he fails to realize is that most of the people calling for a safe space don't really want a safe space, they don't want their political opponents to have a platform at all.

So the idea of a platform specifically built to be a safe space has no appeal to those people. They only want safe spaces as a way to restrain the speech of others in an absolute sense, not to actually shield themselves from harmful opinions.


[–] AndinBriwel 1 points 23 points (+24|-1) ago 

This is the most articulate thing I've read in a while. This comment should be the article. Good work.


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@go1dfish summed this up the way I would if I wasn't dumb. That site was destined to fail. The kind of people it attracts don't want a safe space for them to speak they want a space where they get to prevent everyone else from speaking.


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go1dfish posts yet another pure gold comment.


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I'd also think they want everything else to be a safe space. They don't want to go somewhere else for the safe space, they want to make everything one.

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Why do you say they are communists?


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they're too scared to come here they'll just go crawling back to deddit


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Yeah, after spending the last 10 minutes there I can safely say they will have absolutely zero interest in coming here.