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Looks more like Trump is the one getting BOOM! roasted at the moment. Obviously he still has support among his base - and this article doesn't seem to say anything aside from what we already know, that Trump still believes in himself and still hates mainstream press.

Maybe he wouldn't be treated so poorly by the media if he and his staffers could keep their story straight for more than a day. Hard for people to take you at your word when you continually contradict yourself, though I suppose it gives us the opportunity to cherry pick the reality that suits each of us best.

As an aside, re: the speech, what exactly has Trump done to "save" the second amendment? How was it in jeopardy and what did he do to stop the attack on our constitutional right in its tracks? Because this is the first I've heard that Trump has done anything re: combating gun control. I don't recall any legislation being put forth in the last 100 days that'd threaten that. Sounds like baseless pandering to me.

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Or maybe you could answer my "disingenuous" question as it sounds like you have a good response to it. I already did look up to see what Trump did to protect the second amendment, but came up empty, so if you could enlighten me with the fruits of your superior web-searching skills it would be appreciated. If you look through my post history, you'll see that I take the time to engage and respond thoughtfully to people that actually care to discuss their positions, but if you're going to be another typical "look it up yourself" snark or "go back to reddit" troll I'm not going to waste my time with you.


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As someone who has seen the slow erosion of the 2a in real-time (I live in an AWB state), Trump's nomination of For such, and his likely replacement of Kennedy this summer will likely set gun control back about 30 years. Had Hillary won, it's unlikely she would have gotten any gun control passed, but her SCOTUS picks would have allowed the continued erosion at the state level until the 2a was as meaningless as the 4th.

So while I'd be happier if he'd repealed the NRA, I didn't expect that anyway (especially with the douchebags in Congress). But he has saved the 2a just by virtue of being elected.


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Thanks for the sincere reply.

TBH I don't know too much about how Gorsuch differs from Garland regarding their positions on the second amendment. And maybe it's because I'm not personally a gun owner (but I have the utmost respect for those that do choose to exercise their second amendment right), but I feel like the bulk of talk regarding gun control is bluster. IMO the NRA serves the financial interests of the firearms industry today than they do the average gun owner, and scaring folks into thinking their guns are about to be taken away from them is great for business in the short term. That said I recognize that some progressives can be a bit opportunistic when tragedies occur, regarding pushing forth their own agenda, but most of those attempts seem to fall flat. But you may be right that a conservative justice provides a somewhat better barrier against erosion of the second amendment than a progressive one - how much of a barrier is a matter of debate. Still, I think it's rather hyperbolic for Trump to suggest he saved the second amendment if his Justice pick is the only rationale for him saying so, but then again when hasn't Trump been hyperbolic about his achievements and detractors.