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Doubtful. The Seth Rich story, which eviscerates the Russian-Hacking/Trump Collusion narrative, is just beginning to flay the MSM alive. No one with a brain trusts the MSM and polling on this topic.

Seth Rich was the DNC Hacker, not Russia. He provided Assange with the leaked information regarding the DNC actions against Bernie Sanders. With the Russian-Hacking story evaporating, that leaves the already ended Russia-Trump investigation dead and buried and that means that the Comey Firing is decoupled from the hysterical "Russia elected Trump!" narrative.

It is Game Over for the Dems and their supporters in the MSM. The Class Action against the DNC by Bernie Supporters is just now becoming the top story as it always should have been.

DNC Lawyer Admits They Weren’t Required to be Impartial Between Clinton, Sanders

We could have—and we could have voluntarily decided that, Look, we’re gonna go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way. That’s not the way it was done. But they could have. And that would have also been their right.

You get this? The Democrat Party just told its voters that it has no responsibility to be fair in its primaries or to honor the will of the voter when selecting the Democratic Candidate! Hahahaha...GAME OVER! Only a RUBE would vote Democrat after this.