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My theory is that since a good deal of the millennials are characterized as "progressive", marketers foolishly try to cater to them ignoring that:

  • The number of millennials that actually care for this ideology is smaller than they realize.

  • Millennials have considerably less consuming power than previous generations.

  • The old business models they keep defending is part of the reason why they have so many problems adjusting to the internet age and reaching their audiences.

  • The creatively bankrupt industry can't create quality and fresh content to attract new consumers... or even keep the old ones.

  • They think virtue signaling is a win-win game with no potential for backfire.


[–] lipids 1 point 35 points (+36|-1) ago 

I'm a liberal but progressivism is filled with virtue signaling whores that tokenize minorities. And if I object to these shitty representation then I'm called a racist.

Progressivism is a lose-lose scenario. Minorities don't want to be tokenized. Minorities don't represent the primary purchasing demographic. The majority does not appreciate being falsely accused of bigotry if they dislike something.


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well to be fair, if you identify as a liberal then you are CLEARLY a racist.


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Bullshit, Liberals were doing the same thing long before Progressives.


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marketers foolishly try to cater to them ignoring that:

This is why i believe that we are about to see another tech bubble burst.

A lot of the conclusions that we have seen are based on poorly conceived analytical models made by silicone valley companies.Now it may be possible that they are pushing an agenda, but i have another suspicion:

They received Indian"answers" to American problems. They are overly dependent on h1b visas and offshore indian based companies, yet they have no clue that only 36% of those guys can write useful code.

So all these industries that depended on marketing analytics from silicon valley: Retail, movies, comics, politics and AAA games are getting burned by this. Eventually they will figure out that these analytic services suck and stop giving them money.

I am not sure who will be first: snapchat, instagram, or twitter. I know facebook is soon. They don't have a dislike button, so how the fuck can they determine if a user likes or hates something?


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Facebook is not going away. Your and everyones mom and grandma is on Facebook. It's like AOL, where you still have people payung for a service, because they are old, or don't know better, or don't give a damn. In any case, regretfully, it's here to stay until the dinosaurs die out.


[–] PurpleText ago 

These unicorn startups are getting out of hand. Everyone is trying to 'disrupt' or 'revolutionize' something.

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Indeed, it's odd to see business taking political positions this openly, it seems counterproductive... their work is literally to be as inclusive (the real kind, not the "progressive" kind) as possible to the highest amount of people.


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I think a portion of the blame is the economic depression. Sure, it recovered but the only ones it recovered for are international mega-corps. Not the people who buy luxuries like comics.


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Great points.