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I think policing got twisted away from its original mission, into this new fucked up revenue generator. Police are like militarized tax collectors or something. Setting up DUI check points and just fishing for fines. They generally seem less focused on keeping an area safe, and more focused on generating revenue in the quadrant/area they are patrolling. There are all these claims of the having quotas as well, that just furthers the theory that they are revenue generators.

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Well here in Cali, all the pie eyed stoners celebrated it being legalized back in Nov. This morning I read an article about the new cheek swab field kits that our boys in blue will be using to test drives for marijuana use. Not surprisingly these handy little swab units also will test for the presence of up to 6 different drugs. So, since marijuana is taken in edible form as well as smoke, I now get to deal with some idiot officer who says my red eyes give him the right to swab my cheek and waste my time, while being tested for 6 different drugs? All just to generate some revenue? Fuck this shit, for honest Americans like me, its a complete invasion, but the state no less. I'm all for it when some idiot is hot boxing their car, dabbing or vaping or hitting a blunt and an officer can smell it, but I have no faith in them and just see this being used to abuse everyone they can.


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yeah man I got fucked by a dui/drug checkpoint

I was sober but had some hash and an edible in my car. They had dogs and an ex friend got paranoid and admitted to having some pot on him. I had some too so they threw us in jail, and charged me with a felony for possessing a processed schedule 1 substance. At first it was for drug trafficking, but everything totaled maybe 150-200$ and it was reduced to felony possession. They said I could take 5 years probation or fight it and possibly go to jail for 7 years. It cost me thousands and will continue to cost me until probation is over. I never been in trouble before but they are running a for profit system that ruined my life.


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when u see an AMA they say they have no quota :s I always thought it was a bs statement personally.


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they have quotas.

All businesses are ran to meet or exceed "numbers". Policing is a business, just not in the most usually defined terms.