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I can stand in my yard at 0330 if I want to, faggot!


[–] Biscuitbaiter 3 points 39 points (+42|-3) ago 

I wasn't questioning someone's right to stand on their yard at 3:30am. It sounds dubious that they would just happen to be caught up in a drive by and return fire while being out that time of night. I was interested in more back story as to what brought someone outside at 3:30am with a loaded firearm in the first place. Sounds almost like the other idiot that baited those people to his house for a fight and then when he lost, went outside and shot them. Honest business isn't done at 3:30am unless you work at a bakery IMO and the circumstances just don't add up as a coincidence.


[–] BistroPalin 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago  (edited ago)

what brought someone outside at 3:30am

Maybe he heard noises. Maybe he was going for a walk. People have a right to be outside at 3:30am. I often do it myself and I don't owe anyone any explanation for why I am doing so, particularly when I am merely standing on my own property. What part of it is his property is so hard for people to understand.

with a loaded firearm in the first place

WTF, are you serious? This is Texas. If you leave your house, you bring your gun. If you are in your house, you have your gun.

What would be highly abnormal and suspicious would be if you heard of a Texan who was outside without a gun.

Texans don't go around without their guns. It's Texas. Don't mess with it.


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Your detective senses are highly attuned. There has to be more back story to this...probably an altercation and the guy said "come at me bro, I'll be waiting for you." Fantastic aim though. If he talked tough he was able to back it up.


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I do honest business at 0330. The tide waits for no man.


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Honest business isn't done at 3:30am

Dude, you are not an engineer. are you? :-) the wee hours of the morning - well, what we call late afternoon - are the most productive hours of our day.


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Seriously, it's Texas we can stand on our property any time we damn well please!


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Im not sure what part of that to laugh at.


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You rock Nougat.


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Well thanks, and HAIL CAESAR!