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Then why are they there...Brother?


[–] Humanacide 51 points -48 points (+3|-51) ago 

So they can beat down old white women that seems obvious. She was a tough talker but when it got beyond talk she got her ass beat. Whitey must remember it is the weaker race.


[–] Helios-Apollo 1 points 35 points (+36|-1) ago 

Bringing you apes to America was a mistake.


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Haha, a nigger on a voat?

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Let's pretend race didn't exist for a minute, you're actually proud of a bunch of assholes that were torturing dogs, harassing and intimidating an old lady before assaulting her from behind, dropping her hard on concrete and then dragged and tossed into a pool. Just think if she was knocked unconscious she would've been killed by drowning because not a single one of those pricks would ever bother to save her. You've got to be one sick fuck to find any pleasure in this regaurdless of race.