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Back in the 80s I used to live in Southern California, the valley. My girlfriend lived in Hollywood. We smoked pot all the time and went to all kinds of weird art shows and performance art events and also knew some famous people in the music biz so did lots of parties and stuff like that. We were used to weirdness and I always enjoyed it as a spectator. One time we were super bored and so we decided to go to the Dianetics place in Hollywood and just go through whatever process they'd have in store for us as newcomers. We weren't doing this a dumbfucks who believed in it, we wanted an adventure. It was a big building with all kinds of hallways leading off to private rooms everywhere. Really creepy vibe too. After talking to some lady for awhile and then passing their first test of "we aren't druggies looking for a place to shoot-up, we want to see what this is about" they led us to a room with some benches. We were the only people in this room. After a short wait some dude came in the room and asked us to follow him. He led us through more corridors and into a room with this ginormous quartz crystal on a table. On one side of the room was a projection screen, not a tv, this is old times. This guy didn't talk much and just basically said "ok wait for a minute and watch the movie". So he closed the door and then a minute or so later a film started playing.

You have to understand, this is before anyone knew anything about this shit in the outside world, there were no internet sites or 60 minutes expose's on this stuff back then. So we had no idea what to expect. We start watching this movie where some scientist looking guy explains about these weird machines that they hook you up to and then it's showing a guy in a catholic priest outfit in front of a machine that is hooked up to the person "getting their reading". The priest is asking questions and the person is answering and then the priest looks at the meters and writes shit down. It felt like I was inside of a Twilight Zone. This stuff was being presented in a very serious way and I started getting this really negative feeling, like there was an evil kind power behind it all. It made me kind of sick and so me and my girl ended up running away, finding our way out of this maze of corridors and we leave without any kind of formal "thank you goodbye". I felt like if we didn't get out immediately that something bad would happen. Then later in life I read all kinds of terrible stories about what these sick fucks do to people and I feel thankful that I didn't get kidnapped.

That's all. No big hollywood ending, just me and my girl fleeing for our lives from John Travolta dressed as a catholic priest, trying to hook us up to some weird machine and steal our souls.