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That Joe Rogan podcast was interesting. She got beyond the "Space Aliens in Volcanoes" level and found out that's just some kind of mental gymnastics they get put through to really just accept everything they're told. Then right at the end they say "That was all bullshit, you're just you. You're just a person. Congratulations."

You get there by paying a ton of money, and she said that after she finished up and decided to get out, they started adding extra layers of testing and bullshit to keep stringing people along, and under the thumb of Misgavidge.

She also got taken to one of these facilities for narcing on Cruise's unusual behavior and was made to retract everything. They just asked her to come into a specific place for a chat, then locked her up and had her run through a gauntlet of never-ending interrogations, sleep-interruptions etc until she caved and she herself could barely tell what was real anymore.