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Are you implying there are no immigrants with white faces? Or are you implying all brown faces are immigrants? By all means, school me on the depth of your stupidity.


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By all means, keep on shilling for the jewfags, you kike cock holster.

EDIT: And getting all your jewfag shillbots to downvote. GJ.


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Are you really bitching about like 2 down goats? You really do sound like a cock munching faggot.


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Dude, shut the fuck up. The grown ups are talking.

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So you are saying that the rate of pay for non-skilled laboring jobs is different when a white kid signs up for the job than for an immigrant who signs up for the job? Umm. No. That's fucking ridiculous. From a business perspective, those jobs are the same rate of pay no matter who the fuck does them. The variance in pay will only come when you shop different companies in different locales which is not what you said.