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In 2015 Spanish prosecutors didn't seem to think Putin was a Hero ( Too much talk about Russian Mafia ties to Putin (as well as Trump, sad to say). Stone paid $1 million to Snowden's Russian handler ( allegedly a shady Kremlin insider sitting on their spy board) for movie rights to the Russian's book on Snowden . Who put up the money? " Stone developed a strong relationship with Kucherena throughout production. He reportedly spent days with him at Kucherena’s vacation homes, posing for pictures in Soviet military garb, and taking selfies in front of historic Russian sites". In the 1930s many English "intelligent" and educated political observers were pro Nazi sympathizers. In the 1940s FDR was in bed with Stalin. I think we should remember some history and recall how in the last WW our politicians here in America ceded much of Europe to Russia (to the point of slowing Patton down so Russian army could get to Berlin first) in exchange for what?? We had many pro Soviet admirers then (as well as moles) and often we were duped. When you are dealing with savvy negotiators beware. Patton spoke out against Russian aggression and look what happened to him.