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Recent moves by Ms Le Pen to appeal to a wider audience seem to be working as she has removed herself as the leader of the Front National party, and rebranded her campaign with the new motto “Choose France”.


Make it clear. You either:

  • Choose France.

or you...

  • Choose to be conquered by the Moors and the Saracens.

...and it's that simple.


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I am not French, and I refuse to tell all you french citizens how you should vote, but speaking for myself, if i was french, there is nothing in the world that would keep me from voting for Le Pen. There is nothing would keep me from voting for the benefit of France, voting for a woman who is smart, knows there's a problem with how France is running now, and will do anything to keep everything great about her country. There is nothing that would keep me from voting opposite Macron, a man who appears not to respect his own country and it's people.

With all that said, it's not my country, not my vote.

To the French voters, it's up to you.


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Jean D'Arc would have voted Le Pen. She was incredibly nationalist. The whole point of her existence was to save France from being taken over by another country.


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its only that simple if ur in 5th grade

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ur like totally missing the point bra


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You'll get there next year, first form can be rough but I believe in you!