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This woman needs KeK magic to protect her bigly!

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She'll win outright on Sunday. No need for a second round of voting. The French voting system seems to me harder to rig than the US. The mooslem who shot the policeman in Paris just sealed Le Pen's victory.

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I believe so, as well. People are tired of this shit.

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:-) MFGA.

Kek be praised!

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Le Pen is mighter than Le Scimitar of Islam

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https://archive.is/TRfbf | https://vgy.me/cbqPDz.png :

Analyst Who Predicted Trump’s Ascendancy Bets on Le Pen Win - Bloomberg

'He sees only Fillon with a chance to defeat Le Pen in the run-off. '

'Markets are pining for a scenario that would preserve the status quo: Macron, an independent candidate, defeating Le Pen in the second round on May 7. '

'The French economist also recommends bets on the likely outperformance of publicly-listed European multinationals, given their outsize share of income in foreign currencies. '

' French and Italian bonds will be “unquotable” given vanishing bids, and the European banking system would be beset by seismic turmoil, he said. '

'The euro held steady on Friday and French bonds gained after a police officer was shot in Paris, which may influence the outcome of the first-round vote, according to some analysts. '

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I predicted Trump's win and think she'll lose in round two (fraud or otherwise). Calling a binary event is hardly a credential.