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So.... are the niggers in this country REALLY hoping for a return of lynchings?

Because this is how you get a return to lynchings.

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That would make me so happy.

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They seems to act like it in large numbers.

I think half the problem is the Liberals, Globalists, and their BLM pets expected Hillary to win and they still refuse to change course.

Me personally, I'm moving my family to the country to be more self sufficient and buying a shit load of guns for everyone.

Self sufficient means geo-systems for the house all powered by solar panels and possibly turbines for wind or hydro electric. We're also going to put a small orchard in.

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the crazy shit is theyve killed more white people in the last year than the KKK lynched blacks in its entire history.

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Burn and hang them all.

Fuck niggers. Fucking savages.

Run 20 over with your car, get out, unload on the injured and still-standing with a semi-automatic AR15, and then post the whole thing live to Facebook.

Even then, we'd not even be 1% even.

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where do you start?

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with the young ones first, always turn the water hose off before you release the tension in the hose

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My employer tried to make me sign an agreement to not have a weapon on me or in my car two years after I was hired. He also wanted to search me and my car at will. I carry and transfer cash every weekend. I told him I would have my attorney look it over. I never got back to him and he never brought it up again. When I was hired I asked him about the weapon policy. He said " we prefer that you not have one". I carry 24/7.

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True american right there

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never surrender your rights on somebodies whim. Big theme park in Orlando fired a guy for keeping a gun in his car. They were forced to rehire him plus back pay.

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As well you should.

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When I shower its on the toilet 1 ft away. Glock 30. .45 +p ammo. tritium nite sites. Normally carry in kydex IWB at 4 o clock. 13 round extra mag.

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'member all those movies and TV shows that showed you the white man was really the villain?

The Alt-Right remembers.

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ALT RIGHT is a propaganda term but nobody seems to remember that

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CTRL LEFT never really made it, unfortunately.

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We need a new reich

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What would you say it's exact origins are?

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is there any possibility that these are in retaliation of such stigmas, and that this crime will perpetuate the hatred and that the elite will beneift from disunion?

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There can be no union.

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wow, the new rage for blacks to do it seems. you ain't in unless you take whitey out. how does that work for your sorry asses however. you end up either end instantly or in prison for life. seems a foolish act to commit.

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Thinking is hard for many these days...

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back to africa, sling them all at tel aviv

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I'm fucking done with all these god damn niggers running around Saint Louis it's time to put an end to this shit like we tried to do in ESTL 50 years ago. I'm from a town across the river from STL called Belleville and it's a complete nigger filled shithole, they are some of the most hostile and violent niggers in all of America and if a race war ever breaks out you better believe it will start here in the midwest. GET ARMED!!

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Grew up near ESTL. It's amazing most don't know niggers turned ESTL from one of the most beautiful and flourishing cities in the Midwest into a third world shithole.

And why did the blacks come to ESTL? Because Jews wanted to use them as cheap labor after the Civil War.

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Yeah brother the history is unreal I had great aunts and uncles who once lived there during the time of those riots when those houses were burned from the blacks stealing jobs

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You wanna meet up at wash ave and beat up some nogs? Since bpv opened anywhere but right around there is swarming with em on weekends

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Hahaha fuck yeah I do, or just speed down Bond Avenue on the sidewalks at +60mph

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Sorry to hear about your location. Belleville took a real nosedive the last decade or so. I'm in the area too, but a bit further out. Even my quiet little town has been turning a few shades darker the last few years.

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And I have no doubt they would use the same exact wording if the racial roles were reversed.


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the census tract is 97% black. you would have had to look really hard to find white victims

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mein Führer.... wish I had a time machine....

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......To hear one of your speeches live!

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to for once have credence and validate that which we have lived for... That's what I want

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