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Unmask them. Take their pictures. Use facial recognition software to get their names. Kickstart funds to have a forensic accounting firm trace who's paying them to go around to break shit and beat people up.


And tell their Moms.


[–] Rebel_Media_FTW [S] 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Tools already exist to identify people even with the masks on if they've attended other protests without them.

They scour multiple video sources and still images looking for unique characteristics such as tattoo's, jewellery, clothing, height, weight, walking/running patterns and voices.

Vancouver police used them to catch a lot of people who participated in the second Stanley cup riot in Vancouver.

Security surveillance software exists that can spot someone simply based on how they walk and is sometimes used prevent others from using stolen keycards from entering secure areas.

There is software that also can take photographs and scan social media looking for hits.

That's why police are always taking photos and video at events like this.