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"no hoodies, no masks"

Look at how almost all of them are slouching!

"We haven't done anything"

Yeah, but you were planning on it. This is how a serpent is defanged. People who show up to political events wearing balaclavas and other garments with the intent of concealing their identities are probably up to no good, especially given recent events.

If you have a political statement to make in public, you can do it without attempting to disguise yourself. There's no compulsion to attend such an event; on the contrary, most of the people who do so are highly motivated for their own reasons. Be responsible for your statements and actions instead of hiding behind a mask. That said, I understand that this is a tightrope-walking act: if the police become too aggressive they infringe on freedom of expression and give precedent for heavy-handed tactics; if they remain too lax (like in Berkeley) they potentially allow innocents to be injured. Antifa is leveraging this tension to their advantage, at least maybe until tonight.


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The south put some law in place because of the Klan prevented blacks from speaking. Now the alt-right is using this law to be able to speak. That's some full circle top Kek.


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The body language truly says everything. Losing their masks, their costumes, is just devastating to them. The utter look of defeat when they are told "no hoodies, no masks" says everything.

This is something that should be noted when people are in direct confrontation with them. When they get physical/aggressive, those masks are so precious to them, so much of their identity, they might as well be an Achilles heel, Samson's locks.


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When they get physical/aggressive, those masks are so precious to them, so much of their identity, they might as well be an Achilles heel, Samson's locks.

Yep. Suddenly they aren't courageous fighters of le glorious socialist revolution, but unmasked as the sniveling emotional children they truly are. It's much more difficult to be a bomb-throwing communist revolutionary when faces and names can be connected and exposed within hours.


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If these fucks were serious about their fucking cause they wouldn't be "bashing fascists" they'd be shooting people. This is all happening in the USA and if they really feel that they're facing such an awful threat they'd exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

They don't because for most of them this is revolutionary LARP.

These are predominately suburbanite adult children who are still in their little bubbles throwing a tantrum because they can hear those mean ol' conservatives outside. Antifa, that is to say American Antifa, is populated by spineless pushovers who aren't really committed to their rhetoric. They're just retarded college kids who are overdue for a kick in the ass, the moment they encounter real adversity they fold because deep down they know this is just pretend.

They never had a chance, if this did progress to the next phase they'd be up against so many groups who do take this seriously. Antifa isn't going to find kinship among pro-2A groups, even hard leftist ones, and they would quickly find out what real street fighting actually is.

This is why it's a bad idea to use violence to try and shove your agenda around. You either go 100% or you fail, and I always laugh when reality knocks these fuckheads down a peg or two.


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Its all about punching "upwards" in the privilege pyramid never about being political. They are so worked up about the perceived injustices going on around them and want an enemy to hurt.