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Misleading title - I agree. Please correct it, or take it down, OP. There is no mention of Reddit or Voat in this article.


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That's a really good point. So far as the misleading title rule goes, this best meets that standard. Not to say that nations (i.e. JTRIG) don't try and manipulate online discussions, but there is not mention of either Voat or the other site in this article.

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Well, I see your point there and agree that there are terms that have come into common use for their general offensiveness and people should feel free to use them in comments without worrying too much about stepping on toes. Our language is full of these things. At the same time, recognize that words do convey much power, and in the world of karma, more benefit comes from healing than hurting.

In this particular case of the use of faggot, that one's up to you. ;-) Are you intending to offend the OP or the reader?

Note: Coincidence? My brother is gay too!