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That's what happens when you don't stand up and walk off like a man.....he needed to get back and defend he charges of being a pill mill


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https://archive.is/PZ9dW | https://vgy.me/EbCmJ1.png :

United Airlines passenger dragged off flight suffered concussion, broken nose

'A lawsuit will be filed at some point, and a hearing on preserving evidence is set for Monday in Chicago, Demetrio said. '

'After the news conference, United issued a statement saying Munoz and the company had called Dao "on numerous occasions" to apologize. '

'He also said he accepted Munoz's public apology — even though Demetrio called Munoz's appearance Wednesday on Good Morning America "staged."'

'David Dao, 69, suffered a concussion, broken nose and damaged sinuses and lost two front teeth when he was dragged off a flight Sunday to make room for United personnel, lawyer Thomas Demetrio said. '

'Demetrio called the video "rather disturbing."'

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