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Deadpool comes to mind...


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Judge Dread also has an anti-fat acceptance arc.


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Did you read the article you linked to? Because the "fatties" were celebrated after the Apocalypse war of 2104. People went as far as send their thin children to "fat camps" to bulk them up for championships.

The anti-fat bit of the story only lasted for the 3 year war, as food was rationed.

In 2107, rationing was over and the fatties were allowed back into society. Eating championships were legal once more and attracted huge crowds.[7]

The fatties were so common and the eating championships so lucrative that by 2123, thin juves would be sent to fat camps. The heftier juves were astounded to learn 21st century camps had expected them to lose weight. [8]


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Deadpool was white-knighting in the first half hour of his film, which was seriously disappointing.

He'd make a great anti-PC character though. Or the punisher


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True. I was mainly meaning how there was a lot of non-PC stuff in it and it was still the most successful comic book movie of all time. That was about the extent of it. Not a perfect example, but the better we have.


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Deadpool's gotta be the most reddit protagonist ever written. Just recalling it made me gag.


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your a fucking idoit


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Lol. K. You should spell correctly if you are going to state as such.